Where do lice come from?

Where do lice come from?: Head lice have been around since the beginning of time.  They spread quickly from one head to another by sharing combs, towel or clothes.  Once they find a place where they can call home the female lice start laying eggs pretty quickly.  And within in days you will have a infective lice infected head.

Contrary to popular believe that lice are associated with being dirty and not washing your head.  Lice actually prefer a clean head as opposed to one that is not being washed regularly.   So the more you wash your hair in order to get rid of the lice the more they see is as a home and want to stay.

Lice must feed on blood within 45 minutes of hatching.  So if there is a head to feed the lice does not have a problem of being instinct.  The lice race will outlive other insect race.

As long as there are kids playing with each other and parent that are not aware of how to prevent getting infected with lice.  The lice race will continue to grow and procreate and snack on our heads and make our heads there home.


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